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Gas Safety Trust highlights the safety of oil-fired heating and cooking systems

The Downstream Incident Data Report, which reviewed carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning incidents in Great Britain between 1st July 2010 and 30th June 2011, is the first to include comparative data from oil and solid fuel installations, as well as gas and piped LPG. During the period covered by the report, there were no reported fatalities caused by CO in homes using oil, and just three non-fatal incidents, the lowest of all the fuel types. Even al... [more]

Five things to do in a gas emergency

If you own a property, you must arrange an annual boiler service and have all gas appliances checked regularly. Broken equipment can pump out carbon monoxide, so here’s what to do in a gas leak emergency. Call for help immediately If you smell gas, you must call the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999 and notify your local sup... [more]

Number of approved training centres has been increased by HETAS

Three training providers have been added to the list of HETAS approved training centres around the UK. Sevenoaks Energy Centre offers all HETAS courses, whilst the National Association of Chimney Sweeps is running the H001, H002 and H003 courses. In Northern Ireland, The North West Regional College in Londonderry has also become a HETAS approved training centre. HETAS is now working with 12 leading training providers to offer a full range of b... [more]

No Gas? No Problem

Plumb Center and Parts Center are fully equipped to service customers who sit off the mains gas network. No matter where the job is based, or what the fuel source is, Plumb Center and Parts Center can provide the solution. Many alternative methods of heating are widely used. As a result, Plumb Center and Parts Center stock everything from solid fuel burning stoves, electric and oil burners, to plastic oil tanks and complete LPG condensing syst... [more]

Fire Station cutbacks create greater need for Fire Prevention and Gas Safety Building Codes

Recent cutbacks to fire department budgets across the country have increased the importance of modern household and commercial fire prevention techniques and devices. A new 2012 code proposed for the International Fuel and Gas Codes looks to provide inexpensive,automatic thermal gas shutoffs for gas appliances, reports TECO Americas. These thermal shutoff devices stop the flow of natural, propane, and butane gases in the event of a fire, decreasi... [more]

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