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Tip Sheet: Top Reasons Why to Update the Toilet During a Bathroom Remodel, Introduced by Homethangs

HomeThangs– the Home Improvement Super Store has made their goal to deliver the right product to the consumer, with that in mind, shopping and home design tips, as well as special product selections are being introduced. There are plenty of things to get excited about when doing a big bathroom remodel, but getting a new toilet usually isn’t at the top of the list. After all, most people don’t think of their toilets as pretty, assuming they thi... [more]

Mr Rooter's Tips for Shower and bathtub clogs

Mr Rooter's Tips for Shower and bathtub clogs: Clumps of hair and soap sludge are the most common culprits in shower and bathtub clogs. “Shower drains are fairly simple to clear, since you just remove the drain cap and then auger the line,” according to Bob Beall, president of Mr Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh and Youngstown. Bathtubs, on the other hand present a real challenge because of the mechanism used to stop up the drain when filling a t... [more]

HomeThangs Introduces a Style Guide to Bathroom Vanities: Evolution from Antique to Modern

From historical restorations to the most contemporary spaces, the bathroom is probably the most fun place in the whole home to play with design. Since there are so many ways to play with design, and sometimes it gets hard to decide on the style, it is very helpful to look at the history of bathroom design – or, specifically the history of bathroom vanities and how they’ve changed over the years. With that in mind, HomeThangs introduced a quick g... [more]

Visit ReBath Northeast’s Display at the Annual NEPA Home & Garden Show

Even though there is snow on the ground, spring home show season will be starting this weekend at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre. ReBath Northeast will be represented at The 12th Annual Northeast PA Home and Garden Show by several employees and four displays. Each year vendors come from all over the state to participate in the Northeast PA Home & Garden Show. ReBath Northeast has been one of the exhibitors for many years. Each year, the... [more]

Toilet Repair Tips on DIY Home Fix Tips

DIY Home Fix Tips is constantly seeking ways to make plumbing repairs more efficient and less expensive. In the past, a wax seal made of bees wax is all that was available to use to seal toilets to their floor flanges. Recent advances in the plumbing field have produced several products that greatly increase the probability that the seal between the toilet and the toilet flange will properly seal as intended. Old wax seals and the newer ty... [more]

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