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SimpleCAD Showcases New Process Piping Software Package - Includes 4 Bundled Libraries for AutoCAD® and LT®

SimpleCAD recently launched a new Piping Pro-Pack which includes 4 large modules for both AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT®. The Piping 4-Pac can be used with various industries who need to transport and deliver fluids such as water, sewage, steam, petroleum and liquid hydrocarbons. The Process Piping Library consists of: -2D Piping (includes 10,000+ symbols) -3D Piping (includes 4,600+ symbols) -P&ID (includes 220+ symbols) -Isometric Piping (in... [more]

How Homeowners Can Prevent Pipes Freezing in Winter- Atlanta Water Damage Expert Interviewed

Low temperatures can also cause indoor plumping pipes to freeze if they are also exposed to the cold, while winter weather brings the beauty of freshly fallen snow. Stephen Elliott, owner of structureMEDIC, Atlanta water damage service, offered suggestions to prevent pipes from freezing, as well as how to handle burst pipes, in a recent interview. Pipes that are located in unprotected areas or in spaces where they are exposed to cold air – suc... [more]

Project specification team expanded by Valvestock

The specialist valve and actuator arm of Pipe Center, Valvestock, is expanding its industrial project specification team. Steve Ohm, Valvestock’s new application engineer The Fareham-based company has appointed Steve Ohm as application engineer to cater for the needs of the power, oil and gas, water and waste, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. Steve will prepare quotations for specialist valve and actuator projects and provide te... [more]

€1m Allseas contract for testing group Exova

The world’s largest independent testing group, Exova, has been chosen by Allseas to provide a range of services covered by a global framework agreement worth up to €1 million. The Swiss-based Allseas Group, founded in 1985, is a global leader in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction. The company employs more than 2,000 people across the world, operating a fleet of specialised pipelay and support vessels, designed and develo... [more]

Wastewater Treatment Pipe Marking Guide Released by Graphic Products, Inc.

In response to the challenge of color standards in wastewater treatment plant pipe marking, Graphic Products, Inc., has published the Wastewater Treatment Pipe Marking Guide, available free of charge, to help plant workers with suggested standards and placement. Both pipe-marking labels and tags are of critical importance in identifying the thousands of miles of pipes, their contents, diameter and directional flow. “Given our 40-plus-year hist... [more]

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