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Gillece Plumbing Services Now Offering Tankless Water Heater Installation for Energy Efficiency

Gillece Plumbing Services in Pittsburgh now provides and installs tankless water heaters in addition to traditional storage tank water heaters. A tankless water heater may have a number of benefits to a homeowner both on its own and when compared to a storage tank water heater. The main benefits of a tankless water heater include an endless supply of hot water and increased energy savings. Traditional storage tanks store hot water around the c... [more]

Wise Up To Water Treatment

Plumb Center’s in-branch initiative, Wise up to Water Treatment, has been showing installers how every time they install a boiler, radiator, pump or valve there is a golden opportunity to enhance their reputation and boost their bottom line by using water treatment products. The slow economy has reduced the number of boiler installations for many installers - that’s where water treatment can help. It doesn’t just help improve the energy effic... [more]

Houston water heater repair and Houston water heater replacement got less expensive

Houston water heater repair and Houston water heater replacement experts at Cardinal are now offering new plumbing discounts. “Currently we are offering $100 OFF the replacement of any gas or electric water heater in Houston. We are also offering a free inspection and $25 OFF for people who need Houston water heater repair,” says Terry of Cardinal Plumbing. “We get calls every day from people who have a leaky water heater. In many cases the water... [more]

Rheem Adds 175-Gallon Capacity Model to its Line of Heavy Duty Electric Commercial Water Heaters

Rheem has expanded its Heavy Duty Electric line of commercial water heaters to include a new 175-gallon capacity model. When an order is placed before noon, Rheem will either ship the 175-gallon model the same day or customers can pick it up the same day in areas near Rheem warehouses or distributors that stock these models. This large-volume unit complements Rheem’s existing Heavy Duty Commercial Electric water heating offerings, which include 5... [more]

Sentinel launch groundbreaking, new central heating device

Sentinel has just announced the launch of Eliminator, a new central heating device which utilises ground breaking Quadra-CycloneTM Technology to rapidly remove all circulating debris – both magnetic and non-magnetic - from a central heating system. The use of Quadra-CycloneTM Technology is a first in the water treatment market and gives Eliminator a distinct advantage over traditional magnetic filters. Powerful centrifugal forces spin the deb... [more]

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