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Network Thermostat Launches Two Ethernet Thermostats for Residential and Commercial Use

NetworkThermostat, a leading communications-based thermostat manufacturer since 1995, confirms the availability of two new IP thermostats, the RP32-IP and the UP32-IP. The intuitive interface and powerful web engine puts the right amount of control at the right location. The web server automatically detects the type of device (PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone) making the connection and delivers the right user experience with either the full webpag... [more]

Smart Course of Action for Household Plumbing Emergencies in its Recent News Update Revealed by Jedi Plumbing

Elevating its brand of great customer service is what drives Jedi Plumbing to fortify its offerings by coming out with helpful advice and tips for homeowners regarding common and special plumbing issues. In its recent post, Jedi Plumbing brought attention to the top “leaky” problems most households have to deal with, along with the health consequences of such problems and the smart solutions that can prevent them from occurring again in the futur... [more]

Green Deal - Reduce energy consumption and cut bills, without up-front costs

The Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) says the forthcoming Green Deal is a great opportunity for consumers to reduce their energy bills. The scheme, which officially launched on Monday (28 January), offers a new type of loan to help homeowners make a range of energy efficient improvements to their home, usually at no up-front cost. The Green Deal has been billed as ‘the biggest building refurbishment project in Britain since WWII’. Pa... [more]

Homeowners helped with Roof Repairs by Atlas Roofing

Atlas Roofing in Columbus, OH has seen many residents and homeowners who have had a roof begin to leak due to ice and snow accumulation. It can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Damage to the roof can allow further water and wind damage as well as provide a way for pests to get into the home more easily. It can also lead toward a massive increase in heating cost, as heat is constantly escaping into the surrounding environment. There are few thi... [more]

Buyer’s Guide to Little Black Bathroom Vanities to Dress Up Bathroom Decor by HomeThangs

Black is both classy and classic, simple but stunning, and the perfect way to go in order to get dressed up. Black works well not just for dresses. Black bathroom vanities are the LBD of the bathroom. introduced a tip sheet to help the consumers find just the right one to make their bathroom shine, no matter what the personal style. 1. Dress Up the Cottage Chic Typically, for country cottage bathroom design a white bathroom va... [more]

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