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Bathroom retailer Ziggiziggi has introduced a new range of bathroom fittings for the hotel & hospitality industry

Ziggiziggi, the leading Hertfordshire based online bathroom retailer, has introduced a new range of bathroom and shower fittings specifically for their hotel and hospitality division. The products on offer range from exclusive design led products for the more boutique hotels, to budget ranges that are suited to larger projects. All the products are chosen for their ability to withstand substantially higher levels of use whilst still maintainin... [more]

Mr Rooter's Tips for Shower and bathtub clogs

Mr Rooter's Tips for Shower and bathtub clogs: Clumps of hair and soap sludge are the most common culprits in shower and bathtub clogs. “Shower drains are fairly simple to clear, since you just remove the drain cap and then auger the line,” according to Bob Beall, president of Mr Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh and Youngstown. Bathtubs, on the other hand present a real challenge because of the mechanism used to stop up the drain when filling a t... [more]

How To: 12 Tips To Install A Shower Door

There are a wide variety of units available at your local home improvement store and installing a shower door is something the homeowner with basic skills can do on a weekend “Options include finish (chrome and brass are common), along with glass type: clear, opaque, and patterned,” says Bob Beall, master plumber and owner of Mr Rooter Pittsburgh, Youngstown and in March 2013, an expansion into Dayton Ohio and surrounding areas. “Although m... [more]

Smart Course of Action for Household Plumbing Emergencies in its Recent News Update Revealed by Jedi Plumbing

Elevating its brand of great customer service is what drives Jedi Plumbing to fortify its offerings by coming out with helpful advice and tips for homeowners regarding common and special plumbing issues. In its recent post, Jedi Plumbing brought attention to the top “leaky” problems most households have to deal with, along with the health consequences of such problems and the smart solutions that can prevent them from occurring again in the futur... [more]

An addition for the Kinedo range of shower cubicles 'Moonlight'

An addition to the Kinedo range of self contained shower cubicles by Saniflo, is the 'Moonlight'. Kinedo products are renowned for being of the highest quality and built to last. Whether your design choice is classic or contemporary the ‘Moonlight’ with its understated elegance and neutral styling will blend into any setting. The option of a shower control of your choice suits customers who wish to influence the ‘look’ of their new installation a... [more]

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