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Aladdin EasyFit Isolator - the quick-fit plumbing isolation-valve for pressurised-pipe
Professionals cut pressurised pipe only as a last resort. Until today, if a plumber needed to isolate part of a 15mm water-pipe system for maintenance or repair there were only 2 options: draining down, or freezing.

Both methods take 30 to 50 minutes and damage the environment through dumping (particularly hot) water, or releasing hydrofluorocarbons (gas-freezing).
Now there is a quick, simple and environmentally friendly third option: the Aladdin EasyFit Isolator can be inserted leak-free into 15mm pipe, even where there is pressurised hot running water, in just 3 to 5 minutes.

John Heffernan, inventor and NLB’s founder says:
“We are now well into repeat orders since we started production in 2012. Because the Aladdin EasyFit Isolator saves so much time and therefore money versus its alternatives, we expect demand to continue growing as more and more installers and maintenance companies see the value in this time saving solution.”
BETA-TESTING - 20 plumbing maintenance companies, including most of the majors, helped with beta-testing in an EEDA-sponsored testing programme last summer. NLB is now taking orders from these companies.

BENEFITS of the Aladdin EasyFit Isolator:
1. Reduces overall job costs versus freezing or draining down by time-saving.
2. The Aladdin EasyFit Isolator takes 3-5 minutes to fit; the alternatives are either draining the system or using gas or electric pipe-freezing, any of which can take 30-50 minutes.
3. Inserts a permanent large-bore on/off valve, with a flow-rate reduction of just 2%.
4. Avoids the flooding risk (ice-plug fail) and health & safety risk (freeze-burn) inherent in freezing.
5. Is a substantially “greener” solution than:
a. Gas-freezing: using the Aladdin EasyFit Isolator avoids emitting HFCs (hydrofluorocarbon gases), environmentally harmful “greenhouse” gases.
b. Draining-down: using the Aladdin EasyFit Isolator avoids wasting water; and for hot water, avoids the requirement to consume energy to heat the re-fill.
c. Electric-freezing: avoids the consumption of considerable electricity as well as the capital cost or rental of the electric-freezing equipment.

KEY FEATURES: The Aladdin EasyFit Isolator
1. Is made with WRAS-approved seal materials and lubricants incorporated into a stainless steel Body. All materials and assembled product are now WRAS approved.
2. Is fitted by using a mains or battery-powered drill with the installation kit (re-useable), consisting
of a hex-bit driver, a special socket/socket driver, and a standard Phillips-head driver.
3. Installed, the Aladdin EasyFit Isolator becomes an on-off valve, for ongoing use.
4. Is protected by Patent GB 2472265.
5. Finalist in H&V 2013 awards


NLB Engineering Ltd background & established product range
NLB was formed in January 2002 to commercially exploit the original, Classic range of automatic radiator de-aeration valves, sold under the Aladdin trademark.

NLB’s products have all been invented and patented by NLB’s founder, John Heffernan. NLB’s strategy is to research, develop, externally test and accredit patented inventions in the plumbing market, and then commercially exploit them.

Aladdin Autovents are fitted to avoid homeowners having to bleed gases from their radiators. Autovents have a substantial “green” following with consumers purchasing direct from “green” websites.
• Keeps Rads hot to the top
• No more manual purging
• Reduces corrosion
• Avoids call out costs

NLB supplies a number of European radiator manufacturers/distributors, and has partnered with an Italian valve manufacturer, as well as supplying Merchants and Distributors.

Contact Details
Tony Russell - Sales Manager
07950 289911

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