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Lime Kitchen and Bathroom, the speciality Hertfordshire based sanitaryware retailer is committed to helping the environment and their latest mission is to make businesses and commercial properties aware of just how much water they waste and how they can reduce this. Everyone should be doing their best to optimise water usage as as there is already a shortage, with demand estimated to exceed supply by 40% by 2030. Reducing water consumption also makes sense as it leads to a noticeable reduction in energy consumption and costs. Lime Kitchen and Bathroom has seen a rise in the number of enquiries from commercial properties and businesses looking to reduce their water consumption. This has led them to offer an extensive range of non-concussive timed flow taps suitable for all commercial properties.

The average person washes their hands 12- 20 times per day which uses anything from 27-118 litres. In a year that equates to roughly 9,855 – 43,070 litres of water per person – that’s a lot of money down the drain.
In most commercial premises water wastage is very common particularly so in public places and high water usage areas such as schools, where children leave the taps running to waste water and even flood the room – we’ve all been there. Restaurants and hotels are also affected by high energy bills due to taps being left open, with 10% of utility bills for Hotels accounted for through water consumption. There are a number of ways to reduce water wastage, the most effective being installation of self-closing non-concussive taps. It is estimated that standard handle taps can use 4 litres of water per hand wash which equates to around 400 litres per day. Non concussive taps on the other hand will only consume 2 litres per hand wash thus saving up to 50% water consumption.

Lime Kitchen and bathrooms have brought together a range of design led non-concussive taps for total control over water flow and consumption to ensure optimum water savings. The ranges of self-closing non-concussive taps on offer include both surface mounted and wall mounted taps to suit all applications with a range of flow times from 6-30 seconds to suit individual requirements. For premises where WRAS approval is needed a range is available that has undergone mechanical and water quality testing that ensures it will not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water supply. For added safety or where a TMV2 safety scheme is in place, these taps can be combined with one of LKB’s TMV valves to blend hot and cold feeds to a safe maximum temperature making it ideal for nursing homes, schools and other public areas.

For all enquires please do not hesitate to call the dedicated and highly knowledgeable sales team on 01923 268849 during their office hours Mon-Fri 9-5 where they will be happy to answer any questions you have or, if you’d like any further information on the above. Visit the Lime Kitchen and Bathroom website for more great products and offers.

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