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Explore the largest selection of Kitchen quartz countertops in New Jersey and New York

Family-owned and operated Innovate Stones, Kitchen and Bath has the best stone around. Offering a wide range of stone and tile products for kitchen, bath, laundry, and any room that should have a stone surface, Innovate Stones is committed to providing the best price, craftsmanship and quality available. They even keep the prices down so everyone can have an affordable option.

Innovate Stones specializes in quartz, granite and marble countertops, using these materials for kitchens and bathrooms, fireplace and tub surrounds, outside kitchens or barbeques and more. Innovate Stones offers monthly promotions that help customers make the right choices for their home. The professional installers at Innovate Stones are certified stone fabricators who are fully insured. They are worth their weight in gold with an excellent track record for installation and service.

The turnaround time for most projects is 5-7 business days. Think about that - in just less than a week, beautiful stone work can be installed in any room of the house completely updating its look. One of the best things about stone is that each piece is absolutely unique - no two will ever be alike. Another great feature is its durability. They stand up to hard use and still look beautiful day in and day out. Family-oriented activities can be carried out on stone countertops without worry, and if you forget to get out the trivet for the hot pan just out of the oven, there's no worry there either. It's cooks' dream.

Stone counters and other stone pieces come in many different colors and "feels" - one of these should be perfect for any home's decor and color scheme. Function and beauty are closely intertwined when it comes to stone work for home interiors. There are even recycled countertops that are made of 100% recycled glass in a cement mix. This is a fascinating bit of stone work that is beautiful, functional, and that gives back to the environment.

Once you've picked out the stone you want, Innovate Stones can help guide you to picking out the right edging. Whether straight-edged or with any number of beveled or otherwise decorated edges to give that finished look and feel to the new countertops. Innovate Stones can get over 1000 colors in granite and over 500 colors in marble. With this many choices, everyone will have a hard time making up their minds.

Of course, once the new and gorgeous stone work is installed, you might have a few questions. The Innovate Stones website has a resource tab with articles covering information about quartz, granite, marble and other types of stones and practical advice on subjects such as how to properly clean and care for the new stone feature.

Give Innovate Stones Kitchen and Bath a call or stop by their Linden, NJ store to get started with an EZ Quote for your stone project.

Contact Innovate Stones by phone at 908-718-5616 or visit them online at www.innovatestones.com.

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