Smart Fog ES100 and TS100 Commercial Humidification Systems at the 2013 AHR Event Smart Fog ES100 and TS100 Commercial Humidification Systems at the 2013 AHR Event - news feed from the Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning News Portal

Smart Fog Inc confirmed that it will present full featured ES100 and TS100 Commercial Humidification Systems at the 2013 AHR Event.

Published studies have revealed outbreaks of flu and other diseases typically occur in winter when humidity is low. The low relative humidity provides the ideal conditions for transmission of disease. The studies indicate that commercial humidification of indoor environments, especially in establishments such as office buildings, hospitals and nursing homes can elevate the risk of transmission and avoid high-risk complications and loss in productivity.

Smart Fog Humidification system can maintain precise humidity 24/7 without wetting. Fluctuation in the humidity level and over humidification can lead to mold and other issues.

"Smart Fog provides a wide variety of standard and custom humidification equipment to meet the exact needs of the end user," explains Ido Goldstein.

Smart Fog ES100 Direct Space Industrial Humidifier and the TS100 In Duct Commercial Humidifier features:
Light Speed Uniform Coverage
Non-Fluctuating Humidity Control
Energy Efficient
No Moving Parts
Low Maintenance
Low Pressure Operation
Quick and Simple Installation
Operating temperature -3~99C (26~210F)

Smart Fog Nonwetting Industrial Humidifiers are ideal for clean room, manufacturing, data center, printing, paint booth, building HVAC, hospital operating room, MRI rooms, office building and many more applications.

At the exhibition, Smart Fog engineers and humidification experts will be there to provide technical details on the latest innovative products and features. The live demonstration of the ES100 and TS100 humidification systems will be available throughout the AHR 2013 event. The event will begin at the Dallas Convention Center located at 650 S Griffin St. Dallas, Texas, 75202 at 10am Monday, January 28 and will end 4 pm Wednesday, January 30. Smart Fog Inc exhibits can be found in booth number 513.

About Smart Fog Inc
In business since 1980, Smart Fog Inc is the recognized world leader in nonwetting commercial and industrial humidification solutions. Smart Fog unique technology provides precise humidity enforcement, light speed uniform coverage and intelligent nonfluctuating humidity control. Smart Fog engineers and manufactures all products in the USA.

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