Thousands of Energy Efficient Product Rebate Savings Results – Now Powered by EcoRebates – Available Across Home Retailer Leader Menards® Website and Mobile Tools Thousands of Energy Efficient Product Rebate Savings Results – Now Powered by EcoRebates – Available Across Home Retailer Leader Menards® Website and Mobile Tools  - news feed from the Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning News Portal

Menards®,professional provider of web and mobile local product incentive search tools for retailers and brands, announced today the expanded availability of energy efficiency rebate savings tools deployed across Menards’ ecommerce website, and with QR-codes for mobile devices in-store and in weekly print sale flyers. These tools surface location-based, product-specific offers thereby personalizing each consumer’s shopping experience and driving increased sales of energy saving products.

Today’s homeowners continue to be value-conscious; even as they research and purchase home appliance and home improvement products that help them more efficiently manage their energy use. EcoRebates’ tools deliver personalized savings information directly into the hands of Menards’ customers in a variety of locations across their website, with mobile tools in-store and now also with QR-codes in print advertising circulars.

To enhance the shopping experience, available local rebate information automatically displays on website product pages, helping consumers chose products with rebate savings over those without as they narrow their search to specific products, including boilers, dishwashers, freezers, insulation, refrigerators, thermostats, clothes washers, water heaters and more. While at this main utility rebate center, consumers can sort by product type, brand and location in order to filter the results for their needs. The important rebate details as well as forms and product details are all accessible, simplifying the task of participating in these program savings.

Recognizing that the path to purchase is different for each customer, Menards also leverages Rebate Finder tools to engage consumers as they browse traditional advertising circulars at home. By including a quick-response (QR) code in their weekly circular, shoppers can scan to launch a mobile Rebate Finder tool that identifies the products that have rebate incentives in their locations. This immediate and personalized mobile result helps consumers simplify their purchase decisions and drives traffic into stores.

“Menards is a great customer and we’re thrilled to be working with them to continue to embed our tools into their consumer shopping experiences both online and in-store,” said Brett Battles, CEO of EcoRebates. “The Menards team really understands the value of leveraging the Rebate Finder in a variety of ways – not just on their website but also with QR-codes and mobile tools that help consumers at home, in the store or on the go as they seek relevant product information and recommendations that they can trust as they make complex purchase decisions.”

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA), a collaborative membership organization recently reported that energy efficiency investment in the Midwest is expected to increase to nearly $1.7 billion by 2015. With only $200 million spent in 2004, energy efficiency has grown exponentially in the few years and includes utility sponsored rebate incentive programs that help consumers save money when they purchase high-efficiency appliances and home improvement products.

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