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All City Environmental has had years of experience dealing with mold, with many instances of mold contamination coming from leaky appliances in the home or workplace. All City mold removal employees are knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with leaks and the resulting mold. It has been found that calling in an expert may be the only solution to cleaning up harmful mold spores in the air.

Mold removal San Francisco experts are often asked to come remove the mold growing after an appliance has leaked into hidden areas of the home. The normal culprits are a refrigerator with an icemaker and a faulty dishwasher.

Molds develop in the spaces behind or underneath the appliances and can release toxic spores that float in the air and are inhaled by the residents. The mold experts at All City Environmental state, “Because mold removal can be very complex, it should be done by experts.”

The leak, of course, must be fixed. Since mold must have moisture, a warm environment and food (the wood of the walls or floor) in order to grow, eliminating the leak should handle most of the problem. The likelihood of more molds developing will be reduced. However, the mold that is there already should be taken care of. The normal dampness of the room itself is enough to allow the existing mold to continue to flourish.

When mold remains on the woods of the floors or along baseboards, actual structural damage can result. The paint can start to peel or bubble. Molds are famous for destroying whatever it is they are growing on. If the problem goes untreated for too long, the floors and walls can become weakened. Addressing structural issues becomes a lot more expensive than just handling the mold problem in the first place.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have published much information regarding mold growth and human health and safety. All City Environmental stays up to date on the latest reports put out by this agency and others so homeowners are provided the most efficient care in removing mold growth and keeping indoor air quality safe in their homes.
About All City Environmental: All City Environmental has operated as a licensed top rated mold inspection San Francisco services company for over ten years. With headquarters in San Francisco, they have certified servicemen assisting Northern California residents and business owners in ensuring their homes and offices are free of mold growth.

The company plays an active role with the Indoor Air Quality Association and the Environmental Protection Agency in enforcing high standards in the industry and to produce educational materials on water damage handling and indoor mold contamination. On their company blog, they discuss many facets of mold, the risks of mold growth and the removal of harmful mold toxins.

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