New Suite of Luxury Towel Warmers by WarmlyYours Radiant Inc. New Suite of Luxury Towel Warmers by WarmlyYours Radiant Inc.  - news feed from the Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning News Portal

WarmlyYours Radiant Heating, makers of energy-efficient radiant electric heating solutions for any flooring surface and bathroom spas, announced three additions to their innovative collection of towel warmers.

Joining the upscale design of their Infinity Towel Warmer and the classic serpentine profile of the Elements, WarmlyYours is pleased to announce their two latest additions and one re-introduction to the WarmlyYours’ towel warmer collection.

Radiating beauty and warmth, the Sierra, Riviera, and Barcelona are three towel warmers that are stunning and built with exquisite craftsmanship. Along with Elements and Infinity towel warmers, the Sierra, Riviera, and Barcelona not only deliver comfort and tranquility to one’s home, but they are also professionally crafted to fit any decorative style. Manufactured with superior quality metals and hand-finished for durability and comfort, WarmlyYours towel warmer collection delivers the perfect accessory for any bathroom.

The square profile of the Sierra offers a unique design to any bathroom. With 8 sleek horizontal bars, the Sierra Towel Warmer can easily dry and warm large towels and bathrobes. This towel warmer also comes with a programmable timer, allowing for the flexibility to set it in advance. Manufactured with a flawless polished finish, the Sierra provides lasting beauty and durability and creates a tranquil and relaxing spa atmosphere.
For a style that is contemporary and striking, the Riviera Towel Warmer is the perfect element of design to accessorize any bathroom. With a tubular curved profile that accommodates two large towels, this towel warmer delivers style and warm luxury. The Riviera is manufactured from superior quality stainless steel and comes in either a polished or brushed finish. Not only is it lightweight and easy to install, but the Riviera also operates at a fraction of the cost of most liquid filled models.

The Barcelona Towel Warmer is one that is set apart from the others. Being a freestanding unit, the Barcelona provides for the flexibility to use it in virtually any room of the home. Manufactured with a flawless brushed stainless steel finish, its design is beautiful and versatile. With 8 sleek horizontal bars, the Barcelona can warm and dry large towels or bathrobes. It is the perfect addition for any bathroom, laundry room, or even dorm room.
The Sierra, Riviera, and Barcelona, adds the element of design while giving the luxury and comfort of warm towels. Each towel warmer comes with a 5-year warranty and holds a UL listing to ensure safety. Their unique and compelling profiles offer the ideal amount of space to hang a robe or towel and can accessorize any bathroom.

About WarmlyYours Radiant Heating Inc.
With trusted industry experience, 13+ years of business, WarmlyYours, located in USA and Canada, offers the industry’s most innovative energy-efficient and maintenance-free electric radiant heating solutions for virtually any flooring surface and radiant heat solutions for any room. WarmlyYours offers the hottest floor-heating mat on the market, with a fully heated roll that utilizes a full 15-watt per square foot.

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