The Maytag Drying Cabinet is the perfect answer for clothes that are not suited for tumble drying The Maytag Drying Cabinet is the perfect answer for clothes that are not suited for tumble drying - news feed from the Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning News Portal

Maytag’s Drying Cabinet is a highly functional and versatile appliance, which can handle a raft of domestic drying requirements.

The Maytag Drying Cabinet is the perfect answer for all those special clothes and items that might not fit the bill for tumble drying. The cabinet can accommodate anything from silk shirts, delicate blouses, precious woollens and all those awkward garments that cannot be tumble dried (trainers, shoes, Wellington boots even!).

The additional beauty of this appliance is that it can be used to create a customised laundry room when teamed with Maytag’s premium washing machines, tumble dryers and its range of ‘Hidden Helpers’ including ironing boards, storage cabinets and stacking kits.

The spacious Drying Cabinet, styled in fashionable stainless steel, can dry wet outdoor clothes such as hats, coats, gloves, trainers and even umbrellas and boots. Equipped with racks, prongs and hanger attachments, there is room for a great many items. It provides the equivalent of over 16m of clothes line, and the specially designed drying features on the inside of the door allow the drying of gloves, socks, ties and scarves. An optional extra is a convenient shoe rack, ideal for when during shoes, trainers and boots, but also a great place to store them ready for use.

The constant flow of gently heated air means that drying is very effective. Simple to use rotary controls offer the easy selection of three possible temperatures and a drying time of up to four hours.

Mike Martin, Maytag’s Head of Product, explains: “The Drying Cabinet is built robustly to accommodate any task. It complements a tumble dryer perfectly and also has so much more to offer too! It has genuine multi-functional use.

“The Drying Cabinet is equally versatile as a stand-alone appliance in its own right or as an essential companion in a total laundry room unit. These products are very much the vogue in large homes throughout the United States, and we believe that their many advantages will see them becoming a popular trend in the UK market too.”

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