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Choosing a radiator

Although Feature Radiators’ team is often complimented on our comprehensive range of products, we are sometimes asked by our customers why we don’t offer certain other radiators that are available from other retailers. Feature Radiators’ aim is to ease the decision-making process for our customers; one of the ways we do this is by using our expert knowledge to eliminate products that don’t add anything new to our range. There are 3 key reasons why we may choose not to sell a particular product: 1. We want to ensure that all our products meet our strict quality standards, regarding both the product and the service attached, as some radiators do not; 2. We want to avoid overwhelming our customers - There is now a huge range of “feature radiators” available, so if we didn’t li... [read full article]

Modern Designer Radiators

An eye-catching focal point in any room will be created with the choice of a contemporary feature radiator from The Radiator Company's Designer Collection . A key element to the home in winter, the selection of radiators blends function with designer panache for the warmer months. This extraordinary range features wow factor finishes and architectural shapes that effortlessly create a stunning impact in any room. Reflecting the latest trends, the collection captures designer form with function with a range of vertical and horizontal options. Distinctive stainless steel finishes channel on trend utilitarian and industrial style, whilst steel covers with clean lines perfectly suit minimalist schemes. Cubed horseshoe shaped tubes of the Volcano are patented and available in over 188 colou... [read full article]


Market leader Zehnder has formed a partnership with, a free online library of quality digital content for construction specifiers. In less than three weeks an entire product range for the multinational radiator company has been made ‘BIM ready’ on the website, with over 52,000 of their unique components now available for architects, engineers and designers to all access. It marks a sector first for the radiator and heating industry as it prepares for the UK construction targets, whereby BIM will be deemed mandatory for all government projects by 2016. With virtual models of a range of manufacturer’s components, enables anyone involved in design to produce an accurate and quantified model of a construction project. Adam Ward, director of [read full article]

The Radiator Booster disperses the heat from behind radiators which would otherwise be wasted through the wall

The Radiator Booster, which costs just under £20, disperses the heat from behind radiators around the room which would otherwise be wasted through the wall. It works by drawing the heat from behind the radiator using a small fan. The gadget can also reduce the time it takes to heat a room by up to 50 per cent and save an average household up to £140 a year. Central heating boilers use around 15 kilowatts of energy every hour (some even more). The clever fan arrangement draws heat from your radiator, heating your room in up to half the time, allowing your boiler to shut down much sooner. If you could save just one hour a week of your boiler working, you would save 15 kilowatts of energy. You could easily find the savings more than this, between 7 and 14hours/week (over 100 kilowatts) du... [read full article]

Advice for choosing thermostatic or manual valves for radiators

There are 2 types of valves available, thermostatic and manual. People often wonder what are thermostatic valves and what are manual valves and which ones do they need for their radiator? Feature Radiators is providing some helpful advice for those choosing valves for radiators. Their overview of both will enable you to make an informed decision when buying radiator valves: Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) come with an in-built temperature sensor. The thermostatic valve will maintain the room at the temperature you have selected, by automatically adjusting the heat output from the radiator. This means that you can make the most of any “free” heat the room receives, such as that from the sun (solar heat gain) or from electrical appliances. As the valve is controlled automatic... [read full article]

Install a radiator on your Aga hot water circuit to control excess heat

Many people find that their Aga, Rayburn or heat storage cooker can generate too much hot water. Often the water in the hot water cylinder boils and consequently the water coming out of the taps is far too hot. When this happens, you may need to find a way to “lose” heat from the hot water circuit and the most effective way of doing this is to install a radiator to act as a “heat sink”. The information below tells you how to install a radiator on an Aga hot water circuit. The key is to maximise the flow of water through the system wherever possible. Hot water circuits on Agas are gravity fed. In other words, they rely solely on natural convection to circulate the hot water, without the need for a pump. For this reason, it is important to maximise the flow of water both in an... [read full article]

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