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Checking and Maintaining Your Boiler

As an essential part of your home, it is important that your boiler stays properly maintained and in good working condition particularly through the winter months as it sees more use, as if your boiler breaks down it can be costly to fix it at the very least. Although you should never fix your boiler yourself and always have it regularly maintained by a professional, there are a few home efforts you can make which help with the day to day running of your boiler and may help it to work and last for longer when you most need it. Checking for Leaks and Cracks Checking your boiler regularly for leaks and cracks is a good way to ensure that your boiler remains fault free. You can do this by checking the exterior of the boiler and by temporarily turning off the water supply into the heating... [read full article]

Thousands of Energy Efficient Product Rebate Savings Results – Now Powered by EcoRebates – Available Across Home Retailer Leader Menards® Website and Mobile Tools

Menards®,professional provider of web and mobile local product incentive search tools for retailers and brands, announced today the expanded availability of energy efficiency rebate savings tools deployed across Menards’ ecommerce website, and with QR-codes for mobile devices in-store and in weekly print sale flyers. These tools surface location-based, product-specific offers thereby personalizing each consumer’s shopping experience and driving increased sales of energy saving products. Today’s homeowners continue to be value-conscious; even as they research and purchase home appliance and home improvement products that help them more efficiently manage their energy use. EcoRebates’ tools deliver personalized savings information directly into the hands of Menards’ customers in a variety... [read full article]

Viessmann's New Vitocrossal 200 boilers expand output range and operating pressure

Viessmann has launched three new models to its line of Vitocrossal 200 gas-condensing commercial boilers, offering higher heat outputs of 404, 503 and 628 kW. A standard 2 units can be cascaded to produce a total maximum output of 1256 kW, although it is possible to cascade up to four. The Vitocrossal 200 range is perfect for systems where high flow temperatures of up to 95 ̊C are required, such as schools, hospitals and other buildings with large radiator coverage. The boilers’ operating pressure has been raised to 6 bar, meaning they can be fitted in high rise buildings, up to 60 m above ground level. The range is now also able to operate with natural gas E, LL and LPG, where previously natural gas was the only fuel accepted. Improved efficiency and reduced maintenance Th... [read full article]

Euroheat boiler helps reduce electricity bill

A heating over-haul carried out by Euroheat approved installers, 4 Wood, has helped a 19th century stone house, set in the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, to cut its heating bills and manage its estate more effectively. To be certain that their timber was up to the job, Euroheat invited the owners of Hendre Farm, St. Davids, to test the product at its headquarters in Bishops Frome. Following a consultation with the design team at Euroheat, it was decided a HDG 50 boiler would be suitable for the project, replacing the existing oil-fired system which had clocked-up running costs in excess of £4,000 per year. The farm boasts 20 acres of scrub willow that the owners were initially concerned would not be a suitable fuel. However, after a trial run with a HDG 50 boiler at Eur... [read full article]

Join The Professionals, The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering arranges discounts for its members on a range of training courses

The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) is working with manufacturers to arrange discounts for its members on a range of training courses. For new members, certain courses will be completely free. Worcester, Bosch Group was the first to offer a 15% discount on Boiler courses and hasalso offered a number of free courses for new CIPHE members. Chief Executive Kevin Wellman commented: "Discussions are under way with our Industrial Associate supporters to help our members with professional development. This will cover discounts on a whole range of training courses. "We also offer our Trainee members very attractive discounts on Monument Tool kits, which will save them a substantial amount of money." If you are fully qualified in installing and servicing ... [read full article]

An environmentally friendly solution - Boiler

Boiler condensate should never be put straight to ground or down the side of buildings without first being neutralised. The waste from condensing boilers is highly acidic and can dissolve the lime in cement based mortar. The average domestic condensing boiler may produce 800litres of acid per year at about ph4.0 which adds up to millions of litres of acid discharged nationwide. Therefore, correct disposal of the condensate is important in avoiding serious damage to the structure of your property and our environment. In most installations, the condensate can be removed through the normal gravity drain route to an internal drain connection, in conjunction with the boiler manufacturer’s instructions. However for applications where the boiler has to be installed on internal walls or... [read full article]

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