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M Series mirror cabinet M2G boiler load optimisation control M2G boiler optimisation control unit M2M Maxi control system MAC Directive Macdee Macdee Kayla dual flush pneumatic valve Macdee push plate Macerator macerator pump Macrory Review of Penalties Madison Ivory kitchen Madison kitchen Mag Defender Magicool Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Magna bathroom Magna bathroom suite MagnaClean MagnaClean Industrial MagnaClean Industrial filter MagnaClean PowerFlush Filter MagnaClean PowerFlushing Filter MagnaClean Professional MagnaClean Professional filter MagnaClean Professional filters MagnaClean RapidTest MagnaClean technology MagnaClean TwinTech MagnaCleanse RapidFlush Filter Magnetic Heating Filter Maia Satinjet Maia Skincare Shower Maidsaver dresser Main Main Band A range of boilers Main boilers Main Cylinder Main HE A heat only boiler Main Heat Only and System Eco boilers Main Heating courses Main Solar Main Solar Cylinders maintenance plan Majestic bathroom fittings Majestic monobloc mixer Makura Malaga basin Malham Ivory kitchen Mapress Mapress Copper Gas Mapress press fitting system Mapress Stainless Steel Gas Maris MRG 611 sink Maris MRG 651 sink Mark Anthony Marks I and II shower baths and panels Markwik S827AA thermostatic sequential mixer taps Marley Easyclip system Marley PVC soil and waste Marley Waterloc 250 Martin Jones technical product manager at Glen Dimplex Boilers Massive Mouth Tool Bag Master Class Master kitchen Collection Matrix radiator Matthew medicine Tower Matthew Quinn Collection Max compact oven Max Line ASSE 1070 Thermostatic Tempering device Max Line Thermostatic Tempering Device MaxiControl AWM714D washing machine Maxi-Line VA9511TT dishwasher MaxiSense HK953400FB Induction Hob Mayfair Beta Heat Traditional Radiator Maytag Laundry Centre Maytag XXL dishwasher MB1 and MB2 basin mixer tap MCS training MCS-certified Vitocal 200-S split air source heat pump Mechanical Extract Ventilation MEV Mechanical Extract Ventilation Mechanical Extract Ventilation Heat Recovery MVHR Mechanical Mixing Valve MMV Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery MVHR Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery MVHR Media R90 Quadrant Shower Medical taps Medical use taps, basins & sinks Megaflo eco Megaflo HE boiler Megaflo HE unvented hot water cylinder Megaflo Solar Meibes pump station Melcotel controller Mepla HDPE pipes Mercury Mercury Plant Controller Merton Rule metal pipe Metal Roof Metallico work surface Methven Shower Skincare Metro bathroom accessories Metropolis Metropolitan Easyflow acrylic bath Metu Mezzo Oven MH1 brassware MHS Ultramax PB 120kW Micro Canal Micro M2M wireless air conditioning controller Microban Micro-CHP MicroCHP boiler Microgeneration Certification Scheme Microgeneration Certification Scheme MCS MicroGroove Copper MicroPower Guard® air filter Milano Milli-grip spanner Millimat electric underfloor heating system mimo Mimo vanity unit Mini ECO Mini monobloc basin tap Minimalist tub Minsterley Mira Azora electric shower Mira Pixel Digital Shower Mira shower mirrored bathroom cabinet with a built-in LED clock MIS 3005 standard Mitsubishi Electric inverter driven heat pump air conditioning system Mitsubishi website to promote effectiveness of domestic air source heat pumps MLfP Multi Layer from Primaflow MM53581 black oil-filled radiator MM53587 convector heater MobiBiz mobile management solution MobileOne Managed Service Platform MOD basin modern bathroom Modest monobloc mixer tap Modusat Molderizer kit Monolith for washbasins Monolith sanitary module Monolith WC Monomax and Duomax boilers Monroe vanity Monsoon Monsoon rainwater harvesting system Monterey range panel heaters Moonlight Mopitup super absorbent sheet Morphosis Morphosis brassware Morphosis Omega Morphosis whirlpool bath MotionAlert motor control equipment Motus Line radiator Mr Slim Mr Slim air conditioning Mr Slim PCA-RP-HA 12.5kW stainless steel air conditioning unit MSC 101 MSC 101 Multi-Services Controller MSC101 controller M-Series Gas Driven VRF system MSS 20 CIII4 side-by-side refrigerator MSS 20 FBB14 side-by-side fridge freezer MSS 20 TBB14 MSS20 FIS14 No Frost Fridge Freezer MSZ-GE heat pump MTD 07SCFIB MTD 07SCFIC Much Wenlock cast-iron solid fuel stove Much Wenlock Classic stove Multi Air sourced R2 DX heat pump Multi boiler Multi-feature Digital Display Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers Multifit GasSaver Multifunction Thermostatic Shower Valve multilayer composite pipe Multi-Sensor Flow Monitor Multi-Tip Multi-V Mustee Floor Mount Double Bowl Utility Sink MWA 0716 FIC front load washer MWA1112FBS MyBTU App MyPrice Mythos MTV tap

Latest plumbing and HVAC product news


Installing extra bathroom/cloakroom facilities in a house or business is not only a useful and practical New Year resolution but can add real value to your property. Building Societies have confirmed that the addition of a second bathroom can add significant value to a property, and make it easier to sell. In addition, recent regulations have been brought in requiring the installation of specific cloakroom facilities for disabled people in commercial situations. When to Install a Macerator... [more]

Moonlight: An addition for the Kinedo range of shower cubicles 'Moonlight'

An addition to the Kinedo range of self contained shower cubicles by Saniflo, is the 'Moonlight'. Kinedo products are renowned for being of the highest quality and built to last. Whether your design choice is classic or contemporary the ‘Moonlight’ with its understated elegance and neutral styling will blend into any setting. The option of a shower control of your choice suits customers who wish to influence the ‘look’ of their new installation and match existing fixtures and fittings. The ‘M... [more]

Medical use taps, basins & sinks: UK Leading Online Plumbing Supplier 'NotJustTaps' Provide Medical And Healthcare Markets With Medical Taps And Sinks

In contrast to standard plumbing fittings and components, the medical industry requires highly specialised plumbing supplies which conform with the standards and requirements of professional practice across respective organisations. 'NotJustTaps' are dedicated to providing the industry with a complete range of specialist plumbing supplies including elbow operated extended level taps, stainless steel 'no overflow hole' sinks, basins and thermostatic taps. In contrast to the conventional plumbi... [more]

Mag Defender: Mag Defender the ultra high efficiency and full flow magnetic filter launched by SALUS

SALUS a high quality brand that promotes energy efficiency within the UK heating market, the company has introduced ‘Mag Defender’, a new in-line, ultra high efficiency and full flow magnetic filter. Designed with the installer in mind to provide easy cleaning and servicing of central heating systems, this 22mm valve Mag Defender protects systems by removing virtually 100 per cent of the suspended black iron oxides, and comes with no extra running costs. Mag Defender provides instant results ... [more]

Mayfair Beta Heat Traditional Radiator: Chrome And Steel: Making Metallic Magic Happen

With three stunning additions to an extensive product range, Better Bathrooms’ new designer radiators will surely lend any bathroom a boutique feel. Serving as both a heat source and an area to store and dry several towels at once, these luxurious items will transform the overall aesthetic of any bathroom space, all at a price to suit every budget. An elegant heating option for the most stylish of bathrooms, the Knightsbridge Beta Heat Traditional Radiator (above) boasts a floor mounted desig... [more]

modern bathroom: The Interior Gallery Adds Bidet Designs to Match Their Modern Bathroom Toilet Range

The Interior Gallery recently added over 26 new modern bathroom bidet designs to their selection of luxuriously designed bidets. The new designs were introduced to match some of the items in the company's range of modern bathroom toilets. Many of the bidet designs are available in both black and white which are in keeping with the latest home bathroom design trends. As with all their modern bathroom items, the new bidet designs incorporate both form and function in a seamless manner. Designs ... [more]

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