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D04FS D05F and D06F valves D06 pressure reduction valve D06F valves D06FI compact pressure reducing valve D3DS Discus Copeland compressor D-50REM double leaf SS-50REM smoke vent D72325BK condenser tumble dryer DAB air curtain DAC-55 Door Ajar Alarm DAC-55 Door Monitor DAF LF hybrid delivery truck Daikin 3 pipe air conditioning unit Daikin air conditioning equipment Daikin Altherma Daikin Altherma heat pump Daikin Altherma Split system Daisy radiator Dakota bathroom suite Dallas kitchen Dance Partners Dance Partners cooker hoods Danfoss AW05 Danfoss AW05 commercial air source heat pump Danfoss DHP AQ air source heat pump Danfoss ground source heat pump Danfoss Heat Pumps Danfoss Maxi Controller Dart Eco thermostatic mixer shower Daytona Daytona DTR70 towel rail Daytona towel rail DC Lossnay heat recovery ventilation system DCM113 mono basin mixer death due to blocked chimneys and flues Decadians Decent Homes Standards Deepflow 150 Delta towel rail Deluvio quadrant shower enclosure demista mirror pads Demo-Bloc Denver Basin Derakane Design Pure Design semi-frameless double bath screen Design View shower enclosure Designa designed innovative fire places designer bathroom vanities Desire shower enclosure Desk Fans Detectagas Detectapod Detox PowerCleanse de-scaler and sludge remover Deumido portable dehumidifiers Deva Funky tapware Deva Lace - Adore Collection devimat Devonshire fireplace DFN1000X OneTouch dishwasher DG 5061 built-in steam oven DHP AQ air source heat pump DHP AT DHP-AQ air source heat pump DHP-AQ heat pump DHP-H Opti-Pro heat pump DHPL 12kw pump DHP-Opti Pro pump DHP-R heat pump Diamond Floor Tile XBIT diesel powered interior heating Differential pressure control valve DPCV Digimix Digital Mixer Showers Digital wine chiller Dimension electric fire Dimension Slimline Dimplex electric heaters Dimplex Open Vent 18kW condensing gas boiler discounted trainings DITRA uncoupling membrane Divine bathroom collection Divine brassware DN 450mm PAM Natural pipe Dolomite towel rail Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide Domestic Gas ACS Re-assessment package Domestic heat pumps Domestic heating system filter Domestic Hot Water Systems DHWS domestic installer domestic macerators Domestic Ventilation Systems Domestic Water Systems Guide Domina MakeUp Dominica American Walnut Domus Domus ducting Domus EasiPipe 125 round ducting Domus FireBrake Domus Fresh Air Supply Set Domus Megaduct Domus Radial Duct System Domus Rigid and Radial duct systems Domus Supertube 125 Domus Supertube ducting Domus Thermal Domus ThermaPipe insulated ducting Domus Universal Duct Domus ventilation ducting Dorchester kitchen Dorchester painted kitchen Dosing Vessel Double regulating valve DRV DR300 series Drain Center drain cleaning Drain Doctor Home Emergency Cover drain insurance issues drain lines drain pipe drain rod drain unblocking drainage drainage and utilities products drainage pipes DreamLine Tetra Dremel Corded Multi Max MM20 and MM40 Dremel EZ SpeedClic System Dremel Wall and Floor Grout Removal Kit dresser style drawers Dresser Style Vanity Drinking Water Drop silicone shower-head Dryer Balls dryer vents Drying Cabinet DryTech DryTech technology DS radiant panels DSM20 compact saw DT90 digital room thermostat DT90 digital room thermostats DT90E digital room thermostat DT92E digital room thermostat DTR500 towel rail DTR70 towel rail DU144 automatic bypass valve Dualsteam Dualstream Dualstream water control system DuCool duct sealing technology Duct Trapeze Ductbusters Duct-Free Flex-Multi ductile iron pipe systems ducting ductless air conditioning systems DuHandling DuHybrid Dune bath Dune sanitaryware Duofix Duofix Frame System Duofix shower frame H50 Duofix WC frame system DuoHeat 500, 400 and 300 radiators DuoHeat electric radiator Duo-tec Combi 28 HE boiler Duo-tec Combi 28 HE LPG Duo-tec Combi HE boiler DuraKleen Plus Durapipe duvet DVC665 oven DVD guide to Central Heating DVT 20 and DVT 30 cable and heating kit DW water regulator DWD540 dishwasher DWD8657 dishwasher DXC20 2kW convector Dynamic 10 Steam washing machine Dynamic 10 washing machine DZR brass ball valves

Latest plumbing and HVAC product news

drain unblocking: Express Drainage Solutions provides secret solutions to prevent rodent attacks

Express Drainage Solutions, a drain unblocking and rodent control company based in London has a secret weapon: a member of staff whose keen nose and critter-detection skills have earned her the title of Ginny the Wonder Dog! That’s right; Ginny is a highly trained, three year old Jack Russell with a 100% success rate in finding rodent entry points within a property. This gives the best indication possible about how and where the rats are gaining access to premises, and allows us to prevent f... [more]

duvet: Duvet sales rocket as Britain braced for 30 hours of snow

Online duvet retailer reports massive increase in duvet sales due to the onslaught of cold weather. Fuelled by the prediction of cold weather and the fear that heating systems could fail, The Duvet and Pillow Warehouse, dapw is seeing customer rushing to buy their warmest duvets. Jonathan Attwood a spokesperson for dapw said. ‘Our customers are rushing to buy our warmest duvets. Many have heard warnings of plummeting temperatures and heating failures due to the excessive cold and want to... [more]

Dremel Corded Multi Max MM20 and MM40: Dremel launches Two New Corded Multi-Max Tools

Dremel is has announced two new high performance Multi-Max tools, the new Dremel Corded Multi-Max MM20 and MM40, which take on tasks that require increased power and versatility. Both tools are perfect for home improvements, the installation of cabinets, cutting drywall, sanding down paint, grout removal and making circular cuts in concrete or drywall, flush cutting in laminate, as well as, a whole range of tough projects around the home. And the superb range of diverse Multi-Max accessorie... [more]

domestic macerators: Saniflo range of domestic macerators and details on the professional heavy duty range with a Product Selector Guide

With a heavyweight campaign to their homeowning target audience, giving viewers at least 6 opportunities to view the commercial. Saniflo is advertising nationally on TV in January and February. Backing the TV is a comprehensive guide to the Saniflo range of domestic macerators and details on the professional heavy duty range with a Product Selector Guide enabling the right choice of product for each installation. Saniflo is the acknowledged market leader in both the domestic and commercial... [more]

DAF LF hybrid delivery truck: Mitsubishi Electric gets Green Hybrid Van to Deliver Ecodan®

A new DAF-LF hybrid delivery truck is being used by Mitsubishi Electric to carry its Ecodan® renewable heating systems to installers around the country and has created a bespoke livery for the vehicle to highlight both its green credentials and the low carbon heating products it is delivering. Ecodan has led the growing market in residential air source heat pumps for the past four years because of its performance, ease of installation and use, reliability, and the comprehensive technical supp... [more]

drain cleaning: Bill Howe Plumbing Inc, Announces Holiday Special On Area Drain Cleaning

his holiday season, the San Diego drain cleaning specialists at Bill Howe Plumbing are helping their customers save money with a five percent area drain cleaning offer. Even though San Diego enjoys near perfect weather, it does experience some heavy rains and stormy weather causing major problems in residential and commercial plumbing, and more specifically in area drains. By ensuring all drains are clear before the rain comes down, home and business owners can save in the future of what could b... [more]

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