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A1 LCS Fuel Switching scheme A1A Ultimate Edition Walk in Tub Aarrow Abacus radiator ABB Energy Centre above ground drainage AC Pro reporting sheets AC repair ACM 427 Filo 120cm gas hob ACM 437 Filo 120cm gas hob ACM touch control induction hob Acora Continental Collection Acora Continental Wet Room Panels Acoustic Enclosure Kits Acoustic Louvres AC-Pro ACR product design ACR products acrylic bathtub Acrylic Capped Stone Shower Trays ACT ON CO2 ActivA boiler ActivA condensing boiler Activair Activair air source heat pump Activair air source heat pump ASHP actuators equipped with Modbus RTU Adaptaire adhesive Adora SLQ washing machine Adora TSL WP ADP 8900 dishwasher ADsorption chiller Advances in industrial fan technology book Advice to avoid burst pipes Aeroseal duct sealing Aeroseal LLC AF 150 rainwater utilisation system Aga Agrol heat logs AHP 40 heat pump AHU Aim basin air conditioner Air Conditioners air conditioning Air Conditioning and Heating air conditioning and refrigeration Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Show 2012 air conditioning and ventilation equipment air conditioning maintenance air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, ventilation online training courses Air curtain air duct air ducts affect air Air Flow Management Air handling unit AHU Air Logic filter Air Logic HR Air source heat pump air source heat pumps Air source heat pumps ASHP Air Spa baths Airbath Royale airConomy Airmiles AIRTECH Aladdin Autovents Aladdin Easyfit Isolating Valve Aladdin Radiator Valve Alara and Oval towel rails AlfaChill Brazed Heat Exchangers Alladdin radiator valve Allure ALNOArt Woodglass ALNOChic ALNOStar ALNOStar Natureline Alpha boilers ALPHA Pro energy saving circulator pump ALPHA Pro pump for central heating system Alpine stove ALTAIR 4 gas monitor Altech TMV2 Altech valve Altherma Altherma heat pump aluminium gutter Aluminium Louvres Aluminium radiators Alutec Alutec aluminium rainwater system Amalfi bath Ambia and Loop WC wall-hung frame systems Ambiflo Ambiflo air source heat pump American Polaris High Efficiency Water Heaters AmeriWall acrylic shower walls Amptec electric boiler Andrews Water Heaters system Anima bath Animal Magic Tiger splashback Animal Magic Zebra splashback Anna sanitaryware Annual Bathroom Conference Annual Gas Safety Check Anti Mould grout and sealant Anti Mould sealant Anti vandal sanitaryware Anti-ligature wash basin Anti-scald mixing valve Anti-scald thermostatic valve Anti-scald valves AP930 American Side-by-Side fridge freezer Apex Training Selling System Apollo Apollo Smart Apprenticeships Approved Certification Scheme ACS Approved Certifier of Construction Scheme Aqua - new collection of shower enclosures Aqua 30 AQUA 30 and AQUA 4 AQUA 30 trays Aqua 55 AQUA 6 AQUA 8 collection Aqua Foam Soap Dispenser Aqua4ma AquaAmbiance electric shower Aquabathe Legend aquabatix electric shower AquaCell AquaClean 8000plus AquaEasy AquaFlow AquaStore 2 Port tap water heater Aquaflux Aquanomic Tap Aquaflux mixer tap Aquaglass Aquaheat SS AquaKlear AquaKlear P120 AquaKlear P120 electronic water treatment unit AquaKlear pool water conditioning unit Aqualisa - Bristan - Coram Showers - Glow Worm Aqualisa Quartz Electric shower Aqualux shower cubicles AquaProtect heat exchanger system Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump AquaRealEase Aquasoul bath AquaSteam 9559 steam washing machine AquaSteam 9769 B steam washing machine Aquastrom T Plus Aquastrom T Plus Aquastrom T Plus multifunction DHW regulating valve Aquastrom T Plus multifunction valves Aquastrom T Plus valve Aquatrend Shower Bath Suite Aquatrol 2000 weather-compensated heating control Aquavision waterproof bathroom television Aquavision waterproof television Aramco Arancia kitchen collection Arbor and Ascent kitchen collections ARC architectural air curtains Arc radiator Arc roll top bath Arcade Archibald Ardore bath Argusto inset bath Arigato contemporary radiator Arigato Vertical radiator Armaflex Armaflex Ultima ARTESIO ArtGlass Radiator ARTIQUA Artist bath shower mixer Arturo and Arc radiators Asbestos at Work regulations Ascari electric boiler Ashton kitchen Ask to See campaign Aspen Series assisted ventilation MEV system Aster heated towel rail ATAG HI9271SV induction hob Atelier garden studios Atelier laminate kitchen ATEX fan ATK airtightkits Atlantis Atlantis hydromassage shower Atlas reverse panel radiator Atmos MonoSolar and TwinSolar Atmos MonoSolar hot water system ATmosphères EXplosives (ATEX) Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) license Atreo Recess Hinge Door Atreo Walk In Wet Room Corner Atrezo shower tray Audible carbon monoxide alarm Aura bath Aura Uno whirlpool bath AURON DF solar heating system Austin Smith Lord authentic Edwardian style bathroom designs Autocirc hot water circulation pumps Autocirc1 hot water delivery system AutoFlare Automotive residential and commercial AC repair Autumn Heating and Cooling AV6 TRV AvailSuite Avalon medicine cabinet Avance Elite shower valve Avanta Exclusive Avantegarde Kitchen Collection Avantgarde Avenger portable air conditioners Avensys Manual Mixer Shower Awatea Awatea and Kiri showerhead Awatea and Kiri showerheads Awatea showerhead AWCN12D washing machine AWCN12DAB washing machine aX3 AZ7000 mini shower controls Aztec Classic electric boiler Aztec electric boilers

Latest plumbing and HVAC product news

Aladdin Easyfit Isolating Valve: Aladdin Easyfit Isolating Valve from NLB Engineering Ltd

Aladdin EasyFit Isolator - the quick-fit plumbing isolation-valve for pressurised-pipe Professionals cut pressurised pipe only as a last resort. Until today, if a plumber needed to isolate part of a 15mm water-pipe system for maintenance or repair there were only 2 options: draining down, or freezing. Both methods take 30 to 50 minutes and damage the environment through dumping (particularly hot) water, or releasing hydrofluorocarbons (gas-freezing). Now there is a quick, simple and enviro... [more]

Aluminium radiators: Aluminium radiators

As the UK’s leading radiator specialist offering an array of aluminium radiators, Feature Radiators’ experts are often asked the following questions: • What are the benefits of aluminium radiators? • What is the difference between aluminium and steel or cast iron radiators? • Is there anything I need to be aware of when buying aluminium radiators? The benefits of using aluminium to make radiators Aluminium’s physical properties make it a perfect material to construct a radiator from. ... [more]


The performance and reliability of technical insulation materials can only be ensured if all the components and accessories used to install the products are compatible with one another, tested as a system and installed professionally. By choosing a thermal insulation system with a fully co-ordinated range of adhesives, paints and tapes, the long-term protection against condensation, and a high energy efficiency over the maximum service life of an installation can be achieved. As an establishe... [more]

air conditioning: Louisville air conditioning Warns residents

While most states are just getting over a chilly winter, Louisville air conditioning repair companies are gearing up for an above-average heat spell this summer. The Farmer’s Almanac (which boasts an 80% accuracy rate) predicts that the months of April through October will be warmer than normal for the area. With such a long stretch of hot months to contend with, Louisville Heating Cooling recommends getting AC repair service while AC service calls are less frequent for repair companies. A qu... [more]

air conditioning: Solutions for Increase in Air Conditioning Theft offered by Cincinnati air conditioning

Homeowners may not have noticed their Cincinnati air conditioning unit all winter, but thieves have had a keen eye on it for months. This common and increasing form of theft can cost thousands to replace and install a new unit while the thieves get away with only a couple hundred dollars’ worth of copper. If theft isn’t factored into the insurance policy, the homeowner is left to replace the unit on their own dime. Winter is a prime time for AC theft to occur since owners likely won’t even notic... [more]

air conditioning: Air Comfort of Kentucky Offers to end soon

Louisville residents can still take advantage of offers by Air Comfort of Kentucky, an air conditioning company in Louisville. By utilizing special coupons now, homeowners can save on services during a time when AC call volume is down. The following deals are set to expire after this Thursday, January 31: $10.00 off regular price of a precision tune-up, $20.00 off regular price of Energy Savings Agreement, $20.00 off regular price of any repair, $100.00 off regular price of a new Carrier Greensp... [more]

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