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Choosing a radiator

Although Feature Radiators’ team is often complimented on our comprehensive range of products, we are sometimes asked by our customers why we don’t offer certain other radiators that are available from other retailers. Feature Radiators’ aim is to ease the decision-making process for our customers; one of the ways we do this is by using our expert knowledge to eliminate products that don’t add anything new to our range. There are 3 key ... [more]

Aluminium radiators

As the UK’s leading radiator specialist offering an array of aluminium radiators, Feature Radiators’ experts are often asked the following questions: • What are the benefits of aluminium radiators? • What is the difference between aluminium and steel or cast iron radiators? • Is there anything I need to be aware of when buying aluminium radiators? The benefits of using aluminium to make radiators Aluminium’s physical properties make it... [more]

Contemporary radiators in a traditional setting

An ultra-modern radiator could immediately be assumed to out of place in a French chateau for instance, but by considering the finish of the radiator alongside the tones of any art or furniture in a room, you can create a highly sophisticated look. Mixing the old with the new, ask any interiors professional: It's one of the trickiest balancing acts in the business, but opting for a contemporary radiator in a traditional setting can be a simp... [more]

Radiators' good looks and performance are not mutually exclusive

Many changes have taken place in heating products over the years. As many history buffs will be aware, the Romans were the one of the first to use “central heating” to warm their villas using a system called a hypocaust that used a furnace to heat air and conduct it through voids under floors. Similar systems were also used in ancient Korea, possibly even dating back to the Bronze Age. By 1700, Russian engineers had started designing water base... [more]

How to claim VAT back on radiators you purchase

Homebuilders and renovators are always keen to keep the costs down on any project, but this doesn’t just mean shopping around for materials. It can also help to identify any opportunities for reducing your potential VAT bill. Value Added Tax or VAT is a tax that is levied in the UK on all non-essential items. When building or renovating a house, there are a number of conditions in which you can have the VAT waived on your radiators or claim... [more]

Tips to achieving a stunning yet hard-wearing finish on cast iron radiators

So you have sourced some wonderful reclaimed cast iron radiators, or you want to refurbish your Victorian period radiators, but what is the best way of bringing them back to their former glory? What is the best way of painting cast iron radiators? Below are a few tips to achieving a stunning yet hard-wearing finish on cast iron radiators. 1. DON’T power coat! Some companies offer a powder coating service on cast iron radiators. This me... [more]

Avoid convection radiators if you suffer from dust allergies

Which radiators should you install to help minimise the symptoms caused by allergies to dust, dust mites or other air borne particles? If you are allergic to dust, or other airborne particles, then you should avoid installing radiators that work by convection. Convection radiators circulate air and accordingly will cause dust to be circulated around the room. Such movement of dust will aggravate the allergy. You are best to look for radia... [more]

Advice for choosing thermostatic or manual valves for radiators

There are 2 types of valves available, thermostatic and manual. People often wonder what are thermostatic valves and what are manual valves and which ones do they need for their radiator? Feature Radiators is providing some helpful advice for those choosing valves for radiators. Their overview of both will enable you to make an informed decision when buying radiator valves: Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) come with an in-built temperat... [more]

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