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Latest plumbing and HVAC company news Jamaica Tours - What to look for in a Reputable Tour Company

There are many reasons why Jamaica is one of the top tourist destinations in the entire world. In addition to the great climate and beautiful surroundings, there is a lot to do throughout the country. Those who are visiting Jamaica for the first time or simply need some advice on what to see, it is a good idea to consider a professional tour guide. With so many Jamaica tours to consider, choosing the right one is easier said than done. There are many details that go into making this decision.... [more]


KME Yorkshire is preparing for a whirlwind tour of the UK as it takes its place at the award-winning Renewables Roadshow for the second year running. The copper tubing specialist, which supplies market leading products to companies across the globe, will be showing its range of plain, plastic coated and special finish copper tube, which are suitable for diverse applications like gas, water and sanitation systems. A team of Yorkshire’s expert technical staff will also be on hand to talk vis... [more]

Yudelson Associates : “Water Wars” Videos Released by Green Building Consultant

Noted green building expert, author, water crisis guru and sustainability planning consultant, Jerry Yudelson has released a three-part video series entitled “Water Wars” on his YouTube video channel. The videos are based on Yudelson’s book, "Dry Run: Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis," which outlines how cities can prepare for a coming era of water scarcity throughout the US and much of the world, brought about by global climate change, increasing urban populations and a growing “water ... [more]

Yell: Yell releases new infographic to help plumbers gain more customers through the internet

Yell’s web design team has released a new infographic today, which urges plumbers to use the internet to boost their business. Stop the leak highlights the opportunity for plumbers to market themselves and gain more customers by having a website. It also outlines the active customer base they may miss out on if they do not adapt to the online world. Google statistics show that there are 823,000 searches for the keyword ‘plumbers’ nationwide, every month. UK plumbers who do not have a web... [more]

Yorkshire Copper Tube: Yorkshire Copper Tube calls for the government to review its laws on metal scrappage to help plumbers across the UK

It is a fact that metal theft keeps increasing, leaving business out of pocket and unable to complete planned jobs. When trading in scrap metal in other parts of Europe people are required to give their full personal details and a bank account for money to be transferred into, which deters theft and ensures that dealers are accountable for the goods they receive. Neil said: “As we are a member of the KME Group of companies, which together represent Europe’s largest producer of copper and c... [more]

Yorkshire Copper Tube: Blackburn plumber wins Yorkshire Copper Tube competition

Christopher Watson, who is the second generation to run J Watson Plumbing in Blackburn, has been using Yorkshire Copper Tube's copper tubing since he started his career 34 years ago. The winner of Yorkshire Copper Tube's latest competition has lots of celebrations in the pipeline this year and a £300 hotel voucher prize is the icing on the cake. His father, Joseph, started the business in 1950, which coincides with Yorkshire's milestone anniversary of copper tube manufacturing in Kirkby. A... [more]

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