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Oakland sewer repair: Launch of OaklandSewerRepair.Org as New Resource

Contractor Advertising happy to confirm the release of a new Oakland sewer repair information and resource site. “Many consumers who need sewer repair are not sure where to look to hire a licensed sewer contractor and they also don’t know where to look to find unbiased information about sewer ordinances, so we decided to launch a new sewer repair and replacement information site. The new site is,” says Tony, VP of Sales at Contractor Advertising. “The reason we decided to ... [more]

OutToday Plumbing Heating and Electrical : Property Owners Provided With the Fastest Services in the Face of the Fiscal Cliff by OutToday Plumbing, Heating & Electrical

The reality of the impending fiscal cliff is dawning on the country as the year draws to an end. The fiscal cliff has generated quite a lot of panic among people. The predicted effects of this cliff include a drastic reduction in the income available to most homeowners. The concept of time being money will become a reality. People need faster services when it comes to repairs. They want to see results within hours of reporting incidents. When it comes to repair services, speed is of the essence.... [more]

Ocean Bathrooms: ‘How To use The Toilet Without Being Injured or Killed’!

Dorset based luxury ‘bathroom expert’ Robert Mühl has produced a guide on ‘How To Use The Toilet Without being Injured or Killed’. Managing Director of Bridport Luxury bathroom company Ocean Bathrooms produced the guide in response to reading alarming bathroom accident statistics and his own 25 years in the Bathroom business. “Mercifully we keep most of the details of our average of 2500 annual bathroom experiences to ourselves but hospital statistics and some of the horror stories that u... [more]

Oakland water heater repair : Oakland Water Heater Repair and Water Heater Replacement Plumbers at Water Heater Masters Announce New Oakland Water Heater Repair and Installation Coupons

Oakland water heater repair and replacement experts at Water Heater Masters in Oakland CA are now offering new plumbing discounts. “We are offering $200 OFF the replacement of any gas or electric water heater in including Oakland tankless water heaters. We are also offering a free inspection and 15% OFF for people who need Oakland water heater repair,” says Matt of Water Heater Masters. “We get calls every day from people who have a leaky water heater. In many cases the water heater is more than... [more]

Ocean Bathrooms: The True Value and Importance of a Good Toilet Revealed

Managing Director of Bridport luxury bathroom company Ocean Bathrooms Robert Mühl is seeking to make more people aware of the true value and importance of the humble toilet in their home Robert believes that if more UK people were aware of the large amount of time spent using the toilet and the fact that nearly half of the world’s population don’t have access to a toilet they may view their toilet more seriously and give more importance to any decisions relating to it. On average most of ... [more]

Ocean Bathrooms: Are We Most Productive In The Shower?

Research and the known positive health benefits of taking a shower indicate that the time we spend in the shower in the morning could be our most productive time of the day. The average time taken to have a shower is 8 minutes according to a Unilever study which recorded data about 2600 showers taken by 10 families over 10 days. In this relatively short space of time a relatively large number of beneficial changes can take place in our minds and bodies. The effect of the hot water and ste... [more]

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