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NLB Engineering Ltd: Aladdin Easyfit Isolating Valve from NLB Engineering Ltd

Aladdin EasyFit Isolator - the quick-fit plumbing isolation-valve for pressurised-pipe Professionals cut pressurised pipe only as a last resort. Until today, if a plumber needed to isolate part of a 15mm water-pipe system for maintenance or repair there were only 2 options: draining down, or freezing. Both methods take 30 to 50 minutes and damage the environment through dumping (particularly hot) water, or releasing hydrofluorocarbons (gas-freezing). Now there is a quick, simple and enviro... [more]

NY HVAC Contractors : NY HVAC Contractors First Choice Mechanical Showcase New Website

Local New York HVAC contractors First Choice Mechanical have been serving institutional, industrial, municipal and commercial HVAC customers, as well as residential home owners and multi-family dwelling management firms, since 2001. In order to better serve their diverse customers, and to attract new ones, First Choice Mechanical decided to have a new website built that accurately demonstrates why they are a top-rated service provider. “We had a lot of helpful information on our old site,” sa... [more]

NetworkThermosta: Network Thermostat Launches Two Ethernet Thermostats for Residential and Commercial Use

NetworkThermostat, a leading communications-based thermostat manufacturer since 1995, confirms the availability of two new IP thermostats, the RP32-IP and the UP32-IP. The intuitive interface and powerful web engine puts the right amount of control at the right location. The web server automatically detects the type of device (PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone) making the connection and delivers the right user experience with either the full webpages (PC, Mac or iPad), or mobile pages for small br... [more]

Notjusttaps: UK Leading Online Plumbing Supplier 'NotJustTaps' Provide Medical And Healthcare Markets With Medical Taps And Sinks

In contrast to standard plumbing fittings and components, the medical industry requires highly specialised plumbing supplies which conform with the standards and requirements of professional practice across respective organisations. 'NotJustTaps' are dedicated to providing the industry with a complete range of specialist plumbing supplies including elbow operated extended level taps, stainless steel 'no overflow hole' sinks, basins and thermostatic taps. In contrast to the conventional plumbi... [more]

Nu-way: Nu website for burner manufacturer

Nu-way has launched a new website showcasing the full range of burners, training, installation, commissioning and servicing work it offers. This includes access to technical data on its complete burner range of 108 gas, oil and dual fuelled burners – which span from products suitable for small domestic to large industrial process projects. “Our new online burner guides are a very useful and easily accessible resource for installers and engineers to use,” said Rick Crees, Nu-way Trading D... [more]

National Heat Pump Awards : Search is on for UK’s new heat pump champions as drive for renewable energy takes off

The race is on to find the UK’s top heat pump pioneers, projects and technology as the organisers fire the starting gun for the National Heat Pump Awards 2013. Following increasing concern over the rising cost of energy, interest in heat pumps has increased dramatically as homeowners and businesses look for more efficient ways of heating and cooling buildings. “After years waiting in the wings, heat pumps have come of age,” says Mark Emson, editor of Heat Pumps Today magazine. “Few technologi... [more]

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