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Lime Kitchen and Bathroom : Lime Kitchen and bathrooms committed to reducing water usage with a range water saving taps

Lime Kitchen and Bathroom, the speciality Hertfordshire based sanitaryware retailer is committed to helping the environment and their latest mission is to make businesses and commercial properties aware of just how much water they waste and how they can reduce this. Everyone should be doing their best to optimise water usage as as there is already a shortage, with demand estimated to exceed supply by 40% by 2030. Reducing water consumption also makes sense as it leads to a noticeable reduction i... [more]

Louisville air conditioning: Louisville air conditioning Warns residents

While most states are just getting over a chilly winter, Louisville air conditioning repair companies are gearing up for an above-average heat spell this summer. The Farmerís Almanac (which boasts an 80% accuracy rate) predicts that the months of April through October will be warmer than normal for the area. With such a long stretch of hot months to contend with, Louisville Heating Cooling recommends getting AC repair service while AC service calls are less frequent for repair companies. A qu... [more]

LaToscana: LaToscana launches Electronic Faucet HKPW557YOIK

LaToscana has set a trend for designer kitchen faucets with their Hybrid electronic line of faucets. A beautiful blend of stylish design and technology, these faucets will surely add that futuristic touch to modern kitchens. The pull-down Hybrid faucet boasts a soft-touch control pad that enables a user to control the waterís flow and temperature with one or few touches. Furthermore, the faucet is equipped with an LED indicator that shows the waterís current temperature, which helps to prevent s... [more]

LaToscana Novello: Newest Addition to the Growing Inventory of Warehouse USA - LaToscana Novello

LaToscana Novello shower systems is a collection of shower faucets designed in a modern, minimalistic style. The beauty of Novello is the straight lines mixed with gentle curves, and cylindrical knob handles. The faucet body and rough-in valves are made out of solid brass, which ensures a long corrosion free life of the core material. It has to be noted that the shower hose is made out of nylon wrapped in aluminum, and the hand held shower heads are made out of plastic in order to reduce their w... [more]

LaToscana Elba: LaToscana Elba Kitchen Faucets Are on Sale at Warehouse USA

LaToscana Elba faucets are made by Paini Spa Rubinetterie in Pogno Italy established in 1954. Elbaís production process is automated which guarantees consistent high quality products. Paini makes the faucet body, valves and valve cover plates out of solid brass which ensures long, corrosion free life of the core material. The Elba line comes in two finishes: Chrome and Brushed Nickel; the latter finish is done by using a PVD process (Physical Vapor Deposition) that makes the treated surface 10 t... [more]

LA Build Corp : Granite Countertops Add a Touch of Elegance to any Space

The value of a home increases considerably in direct reflect of a well-designed kitchen. Creative and eye appealing renovations will not only help to attract more prospective buyers, it will effectively sell a house at a more rapid rate. These home improvements can nearly double the money allocated to it once kitchen remodeling is complete. The worth of a fairly inexpensive and skillfully renovated kitchen is priceless regardless of the size and budget allocated to it. There are many things to c... [more]

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