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Innovate Stones: Explore the largest selection of quartz countertops in New Jersey and New York

Explore the largest selection of Kitchen quartz countertops in New Jersey and New York Family-owned and operated Innovate Stones, Kitchen and Bath has the best stone around. Offering a wide range of stone and tile products for kitchen, bath, laundry, and any room that should have a stone surface, Innovate Stones is committed to providing the best price, craftsmanship and quality available. They even keep the prices down so everyone can have an affordable option. Innovate Stones specializes... [more]

Insulation stop: Reflective Insulation Resource Page Showcased by Insulation Stop

Insulation Stop has been a supplier of radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation nationally for over ten years and the addition of a resource pages is a natural progression in an ongoing effort to provide as much information to consumers as possible. Included on this page are links to information from the Department of Energy, National Testing Laboratories, and reports from Universities. “Many people visit our website for information beyond standard product information. They want to know... [more]

Insulation stop: Insulation Stop Adds Bubble Foil Insulation Page to the Redesigned

Insulation Stop has supplied radiant barrier and reflective foil insulation nationally for over ten years and the addition of an information page regarding their foil bubble insulation products on their new website design is a natural progression. The information page makes navigation easier for consumers as well as providing additional information. “Foil insulation, a specific type of radiant barrier is used everywhere and in many different industries. Our customers find us from every corner... [more]

IBISWORLD: IBISWORLD now contains Plumbing in the US Industry Market Research Report

From unclogging household drains to installing high-pressure industrial steam pipes, the Plumbing industry's activities span a wide range of liquid and gas-conveying pipe work. Contractors in the industry hold specific licenses and qualifications to install, service and repair all types of pipes and drainage systems (e.g. faucets, ovens and toilets) for the catchment and distribution of water, liquids, gases and waste products. The industry is one of many subcontracting industries essential to t... [more]

Imperial: New tube bender features ratchet-style, resetting grips for ease of use

Any bends in pipework should be properly fabricated. As such, a good quality, hand held tube bender is a key tool in any ACR engineer’s arsenal. Even on soft-draw pipe, bends made without a tube bender can create kinks in the metal, restricting the flow of refrigerants and putting a dangerous strain on the system. The simplistic design of typical handheld bending devices means that creating bends of more than 90° requires the user to apply pressure to the handles as they cross over – an awkwa... [more]

Insulation Stop: New Pole Barn Insulation System launched by Insulation Stop

The choice on how to insulate a pole barn or post frame building and which product to use is widely debated. Moisture and air infiltration as well as site specific considerations need to be determined. Fiberglass insulation has proved largely ineffective in insulating these areas. InfraStop™ Pole Barn Insulation System was designed to provide one effective material for all applications. Common new construction and retrofit applications this system covers include the roof and walls as well as ... [more]

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