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Feature Radiators: Choosing a radiator

Although Feature Radiators’ team is often complimented on our comprehensive range of products, we are sometimes asked by our customers why we don’t offer certain other radiators that are available from other retailers. Feature Radiators’ aim is to ease the decision-making process for our customers; one of the ways we do this is by using our expert knowledge to eliminate products that don’t add anything new to our range. There are 3 key reasons why we may choose not to sell a particular... [more]

Feature Radiators: Aluminium radiators

As the UK’s leading radiator specialist offering an array of aluminium radiators, Feature Radiators’ experts are often asked the following questions: • What are the benefits of aluminium radiators? • What is the difference between aluminium and steel or cast iron radiators? • Is there anything I need to be aware of when buying aluminium radiators? The benefits of using aluminium to make radiators Aluminium’s physical properties make it a perfect material to construct a radiator from. ... [more]

Fremont Plaza Ace Hardware : One Hundred Stockton Handyman Projects Within First Year of Operation Completed by Fremont Plaza Ace Hardware

Fremont Plaza Ace Hardware has confirmed its milestone achievement of one hundred successfully completed Stockton handyman projects within the first year of operation of their handyman service in Stockton, California. Bill Stoermer, managing owner of Fremont Plaza Ace Hardware, says, “This is a natural extension to the Fremont Plaza Ace Hardware store in Stockton. Since our grand opening in February, we have served hundreds of satisfied customers with their do-it-yourself projects. We have al... [more]

First Call HVAC: Air Conditioning SEO Company to Market Services in Arlington, TX Hired by Firstcall HVAC

A website has been completely redone by Micromanaged Media, Inc. to market the services of First Call Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX. First Call HVAC, like most contractors, found that it is very difficult to stand out from the competition, especially on the internet. There are many SEO firms that promise results, but very few that have the proven track record of MicroManaged Media, Inc. First Call values an educated consumer, so they wanted a website that shared knowledge about res... [more]

FKBD: F.K.B.D. Forms Advisory Board

The Federation of Kitchen and Bathroom Designers continue to progress towards the establishment of a lasting professional association for the individuals at the sharp end of the KBB industry. There has been precious little representation for these people who actually face the industry's customers every day, the designers, salespeople, installers and the independent retailers, until now. With the appointment of their advisory board, the FKBD are set to move forward with purpose and provide a ... [more]

FloHawks: FloHawks Is Pleased to Announce Software Upgrades For GPS Tracking and Dispatch Of Their Service Fleet

Being on time for a plumbing company is one of the most critical factors in the area of customer service. More importantly, the proper routing of a service truck’s day affects a business’ bottom line. FloHawks, one of the region’s largest septic and plumbing companies, has recently addressed this with their implementation of brand new GPS tracking software and units for their entire service fleet. With the upgraded technology and software, each residential and commercial service truck is now ... [more]

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