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Latest plumbing and HVAC company news

Department of Energy and Climate Change: Tim Pollard responds to Green Deal cash-back

The government has made changes to the Green Deal cash-back scheme, to help more households drive down fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions by carrying out energy efficient improvements. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced - on 18 February – increases to the amount of money people can get back when investing in solid wall insulation, ‘room in roof’ insulation and double glazing. DECC has also raised the cap on cash-back payments so more people will be eligible ... [more]

DIY Home Fix Tips : Toilet Repair Tips on DIY Home Fix Tips

DIY Home Fix Tips is constantly seeking ways to make plumbing repairs more efficient and less expensive. In the past, a wax seal made of bees wax is all that was available to use to seal toilets to their floor flanges. Recent advances in the plumbing field have produced several products that greatly increase the probability that the seal between the toilet and the toilet flange will properly seal as intended. Old wax seals and the newer types of seals all rely on the material being compre... [more]

DIY : Advanced Foundation Repair Releases Educational Water Leak Detection Testing DIY Testing Video

The Texas foundation repair company Advanced Foundation Repair’s latest video, “DIY Water Leak Detection Test Demo“, expands their free DIY online educational series. “Believe it or not water leak detection is part of foundation repair,” comments Fred Marshall, owner of Advanced Foundation Repair and narrator of the educational video series. Viewers can follow easy-to-understand, step by step instructions on how to do a water detection test for both sewer leaks and water leaks. Water leak det... [more]

dapw: Duvet sales rocket as Britain braced for 30 hours of snow

Online duvet retailer reports massive increase in duvet sales due to the onslaught of cold weather. Fuelled by the prediction of cold weather and the fear that heating systems could fail, The Duvet and Pillow Warehouse, dapw is seeing customer rushing to buy their warmest duvets. Jonathan Attwood a spokesperson for dapw said. ‘Our customers are rushing to buy our warmest duvets. Many have heard warnings of plummeting temperatures and heating failures due to the excessive cold and want to... [more]

Dremel : Dremel launches Two New Corded Multi-Max Tools

Dremel is has announced two new high performance Multi-Max tools, the new Dremel Corded Multi-Max MM20 and MM40, which take on tasks that require increased power and versatility. Both tools are perfect for home improvements, the installation of cabinets, cutting drywall, sanding down paint, grout removal and making circular cuts in concrete or drywall, flush cutting in laminate, as well as, a whole range of tough projects around the home. And the superb range of diverse Multi-Max accessorie... [more]


The first 2013 meeting of the British Franchise Association (BFA) Midlands Forum will be held on Tuesday 29 January, 2013. The meeting will be chaired by newly elected chairman Jan Mitman, franchise sales director of Peterborough-based Drain Doctor Plumbing Ltd, the UK’s largest emergency plumbing and drainage business. Jan, who helped establish the Drain Doctor business in the UK with her husband Freddie in 1993, is probably the most influential woman in the UK plumbing and drainage industry... [more]

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