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Mr Rooter's Tips for Shower and bathtub clogs

Mr Rooter's Tips for Shower and bathtub clogs: Clumps of hair and soap sludge are the most common culprits in shower and bathtub clogs. “Shower drains are fairly simple to clear, since you just remove the drain cap and then auger the line,” according to Bob Beall, president of Mr Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh and Youngstown. Bathtubs, on the other hand present a real challenge because of the mechanism used to stop up the drain when filling a t... [more]

Keep the Septic Tank Flowing Properly- Mr Rooter

The maintenance tasks is to keep septic tank systems flowing properly is one of the most important homeowner. A septic tank system consists of an underground watertight container, almost always constructed of concrete, and is built to receive sewage and retain the liquid portion for approximately 24 hours. The tank has three functions: First, it acts as a settling chamber to allow solids to settle to the tank bottom; second, the tank serves as a ... [more]

Mr Rooter's Tips on Supply Pipes – Repair and Installation

“Sometimes it is necessary to cut a T into an existing water line when the homeowner wants to add lines to the supply system in the home,” says Bob Beall, the most referred and trusted Pittsburgh plumber. For example, explains Beall, the homeowner my want to add a bar sink or perhaps a completely new bath. “You can install the T the hard way, of course, soldering copper or gluing CPVC,” says Mr Rooter. You can also just cut the pipe and use a ... [more]

Keep Water Moving Freely With These Simple Cleaning Tasks says Mr Rooter

Mr Rooter says, “Shower heads, (including ultra-low-flow styles), the clothes washer hose screen and the dishwasher water inlet screen top the list of plumbing culprits. When a homeowner notices a loss of water pressure and volume in these three areas.” One of the prime targets for lime buildup-calcium and magnesium sediments (the white stuff) that distill out of the water when it’s heated in the water heater is the shower head. “Some shower h... [more]

Mr Rooter's Tips on How To Choose The Right Size Drainpipe

Mr Rooter Tip Of The Day Tip 1 Use 1 1/2-inch pipe only for short runs from a single fixture and immediately next to a fixture trap, such as a lavatory or kitchen drain. Tip 2 Use 2-inch pipe for long horizontal runs to a single fixture (like the kitchen sink) or two fixtures on a single drain line (called a branch). Tip 3 If the kitchen sink is on an isolated island, use 3-inch pipe. For more than two fixtures on a branch, use 3-inch pi... [more]

Eco-Friendly Philosophy of Mr Rooter

Mr. Rooter, Bob Beall, the most referred plumber in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, area has a very eco-friendly philosophy. Most plumbers do a reputable job, but according to Beall; caring about the environment has become an imperative consideration when dealing with the number one plumbing emergency call: drain cleaning. Mr. Rooter, the plumber who never sleeps, offers daily expert plumbing advice to consumers. Why? Because Beall believes that not... [more]

Mr Rooter: Capping A Pipe

The basic thing to remember is: Capping off pipe, any style, serving any purpose is simply to isolate a section of plumbing from the rest of the house, a particular part of the outdoor water supply or the irrigation to your extended bulk planting area. A simple solution for segregation of isolated areas, so when the need to work on a plumbing issue presents itself, the entire household doesn’t have to do without water: sources of water will be av... [more]

Sump Pump tips from Mr Rooter

When choosing a sump pump, the homeowner has two choices: pedestal or submersible. Always opt for the latter; they are smaller, easier to install, and require less maintenance. “If there is concern about power outages, then purchase a pump with a battery backup,” says Bob Beall, master plumber and owner of Mr Rooter Plumbing Pittsburgh. “This unit runs off computerized controls from a car battery. When replacing a sump pump, simply swap one pump ... [more]

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